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What Causes Peeling or Flaking Paint?

Posted on 01 August 2018 by Leonie F (0)

house painting contractor darraOne common issue most homeowners see weeks or months after they have finished painting is that some portion of the walls is starting to flake. While you can definitely address this to a house painting contractor but you can also determine the problem and see if you can solve the problem yourself.

Flaking paint can be caused by a couple of factors such as:

  • Uncleaned surface that was painted
  • Moisture seeping through the wall
  • Latex paint used with an oil based paint
  • No primer used
  • Not having adequate drying times between coats
  • Old paint

Moisture problems. In most cases, when a newly painted wall started flaking it is mostly because of moisture problems. Make sure to solve the problem first before you paint the walls again as the same occurrence will just happen over.

Moisture can happen when there is a leaky roof or some other plumbing issues. Have these problems corrected before you start painting again.

There may also be too much humidity inside the house which can add to the problem. To remedy this, have ventilation fans be installed in those rooms. You can also have those rooms be repainted again using paint with a higher sheen level. This will help reduce water absorption, which can stop peeling.

Old style with oil-based paint. It is also possible that when you applied the acrylic paint over an oil based paint, the flake and peeling occur. This means that you have to completely remove the top coat and place an undercoat to stabilize the surface before you can paint.

If flaking still occur and you are still confused about the cause, contact interior home painters as they are able to determine the cause of why the walls are peeling and provide you with the right solution thus giving your walls that long-lasting looking interior paint.